Shindaiwa EB803RT

Shindaiwa's most powerful backpack blower ...


Shindaiwa's most powerful backpack blower. With a huge 79.2 cm³ engine for ultimate power.

Extreme power from the professional grade 79.2 cm³ engine provides incredible air volume and velocity. The max air speed comes in at 93.7m/sec with an air volume of 1182m³/h. Equipped with an easily accessible heavy duty air filter for ultimate protection.

Professional Engine

The 79.2 cm³ commercial grade Shindaiwa engine gives you blowing force beyong belief. This is Shindaiwa's most powerful blower and unconctested in the market.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Anti Vibration

Shindaiwa's anti vibe technology massively reduces vibration levels.

Shindaiwa EB803RT

Heavy Duty Air Filter

For reduced maintenance and less downtime. Prevents dust and debris from entering the engine.

Shindaiwa EB803RT



Sale Type
Manufacturer Qty
Engine Size
59.8 cc
Dry Weight
Nozzle Type
Round Straight
Output (kw)
Fuel Tank Capacity (l)
Engine Displacement (cm³)
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h)
Vibration Levels (m/s²) (Nozzle TypeA/Nozzle TypeB/Nozzle TypeA:Rear Handle)
A:3.0 / B:3.4

best features

Ease of Use

Power on and get the job done. Intuitive controls and features make your job a breeze.


Engineered to weigh less whilst retaining robust durability.


Features one of Shindaiwa’s most powerful engines.


other features

Automatic fast idle

Integrated choke and fast idle with trigger release for for easy starting.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Soft start

Spring assisted starting system for easier starting.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Optional spike

Spike as option.Shindaiwa EB803RT

C4 technology

Model with C4 technology engine.Shindaiwa EB803RT


G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner utilises centrifugal force to expel dust and debris outside the machine and draw in cool clean air. This system is industry leading and massively reduces the need for maintenance.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Digital controlled CDI

Capacitor discharge ignition system for easy starting and smooth acceleration.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Side access chain tensioner

Side access chain tensioner for quick chain adjustments.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Super anti-vibration system

Super anti-vibration system for reduced vibration.Shindaiwa EB803RT

U handle

Model with U type handle.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Loop handle

Model with loop type handle.Shindaiwa EB803RT

High torque

High torque gear for more efficient work.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Rotatable handle

Rotatable rear handle for comfortable and accurate operation in all positions.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Tip guard

Tip guard prevents blade contact with fences or buildings.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Adjustable cutter clearance

Cutter clearance is easily adjustable.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Adjustment free

Cutter clearance is adjustment free.Shindaiwa EB803RT

EZ-lock system

EZ-lock for secure pipe to housing connection.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Posi-Loc pipe system

Provides a secure and tight connection in 2 simple steps. Simply connect and twist.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Ventilated back pad

The ventilated back pad expels warm air and draws cool air around the operator's back. This feature can be turned off during cold weather or when not needed.Shindaiwa EB803RT

Rotational control

Delivers a pull away from the operator to counter the gyro effect, with no loss of blowing force.Shindaiwa EB803RT


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